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Torrch Concentrate Vaporizer | Engineered for Performance

Offering a rich full flavor with a discreet footprint and a clean efficient burn, Torrch’s all-ceramic chamber delivers an unparalleled concentrates experience for connoisseurs and first-time users alike. Designed specifically for shatter, budder, and other wax concentrate product, the Torrch vaporizer is designed to give users the absolute best dab experience on the market with no sticky mess. When you think about high quality, the Torrch concentrate vaporizer is unmatched.

True-Taste™ Ceramic Core Technology

Delivers Maximum Full-Flavor Vapor Quickly

Easily Detachable And Cleanable

For Clean, Long Term Consistent Usage

Wickless Design With Ceramic Chamber

Maintains Optimized Heat Control For Excellent Performance

6-Second Slow Burn Technology

The core heats at a lower, slower temperature for the first 6 seconds delivering maximum flavor

Large Chambered Heating Plate

Handles All Concentrate Volumes With Ease

Zero Leakage And Splash Back

For A Clean And Waste-Free Experience

Full Flavor At The Push Of A Button

The Torrch vaporizes concentrates with high terpene content at a low temperature, giving users unparalleled clean flavor and the ultimate ‘Dabbing’ experience at the push of a button. When you expect an ultra-smooth concentrate vaping experience and want pure terpene flavor with no burnt taste, carry the Torrch.

True-Taste Ceramic Core Technology

Designed for low-temperature vaporization, the True-Taste Ceramic Core heats up slowly for the first 6-seconds which elicits the full-flavor of your concentrate. After 6-seconds, the Core temperature rises to delivers large, smooth vapor quickly to the user. The Torrch delivers an ultra smooth draw that is satisfying each and every time.

Built using only the highest quality ceramic, the Core contains no impurities so the user gets ultra clean tasting vapor with every draw. Your taste buds will thank you once you dab with the most advanced portable rig on the market.


World Class Materials

The Torrch is built with only the highest quality materials giving you the maximum terpene profile each and every time.

We Ship Internationally

You can order the Torrch from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world. Sit back, relax, and get your dab on.

1 Year Limited Warranty

The Limited Warranty provides a free-of-charge repair for the Torrch device against defects. See full warranty and limitations or call 1-800-935-1399.

Light it up with the world’s premium Dab Rig. Finally a sleek portable concentrates vaporizer that produces the best flavor without the sticky mess. Order now for the best deal on the market.

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