Find the best concentrate vape that works for you

the best concentrate vape pen shatter wax crumble live resin

There are a number of different factors to consider when looking for the best concentrate vape pen. Is it portable? Easy to use? Emit clean vapor? Elevate flavors? What materials are used? etc.

We want to not only help you make the best decision possible but also start asking the important questions before you make your next big purchase.

Heating Material

One of the most important things to consider is the materials used to manufacture vape hardware. You want something that is lightweight, but durable enough to last a while. Thin metals or polycarbonate will conduct heat and may start to get uncomfortable when holding after multiple hits.

When looking for the best concentrate vape pen, the most crucial aspect is the heating element materials. The two most common coils when looking for vapes that handle shatter, wax, budder, rosin, live resin, crumble, and other hard concentrates are Quartz & Ceramic.

ceramic dab vape coil

Quartz coils have the benefit of heating up at a quicker rate and provide middle of the road flavor profiles. The downfall is that heat retention is usually poor, and typically do not last as long.

Ceramic coils have been the darling in the cannabis vape space for a few years based on its heat control, heat retention, and best of all flavor profiles. Not all ceramic are made the same, however. Make sure to look for vendors that are reputable and have a track record of high-quality safety standards and manufacturing processes.


You obviously want a vape pen that looks cool but is functional. A design that fits in your pocket for ultimate portability, that is not too heavy without compromising on performance.

Outside of the aesthetic of your vape pen, you want the design to be easy to use and clean. The fewer parts the better as you’ll spend less time looking for those little gadgets in your couch cushions and more time savoring on some sweet terp sauce.

Try and find out before purchasing how easy it is to load, use, and clean. You’ll avoid a lot of headaches once you finally receive your concentrate vape pen.


Functionality and design aside, the flavor profiles that your vape pen provides is going to make or break your experience. There are a number of different factors to consider when looking for the best concentrate vape pen and how it delivers flavor.

First and foremost your concentrate product (shatter, wax, rosin, etc) will be extracted with specific terpene profiles and will affect taste and flavor. How to elicit those profiles is the job of the vaporizer. This will be determined by both material and quality of the heating coil as well as the temperature control.

As a general rule of thumb:

High temperature = less flavor & more vapor

Low temperature = more flavor & less vapor

The Torrch concentrate vape pen, for instance, is designed with its own heat control to make it easier for the user. The Torrch is built with 6-second slow burn technology which heats the pure ceramic bowl at a slower, lower temperature for the first 6-seconds to elicit maximum flavor and terpene profiles. After 6-seconds, the core heats to a medium-high heat to deliver more vapor. It’s the best of both worlds and caters to any level of experience.

best concentrate vape pen for shatter and wax

Vapor Quality

Vaping, in general, is seen as a “healthier” alternative to combustion inhalation. No one likes to sit there after a session coughing up a lung. The ultimate outcome is a smooth, flavorful vapor that hits just right. Again, this is going to be determined by a number of different factors like temperature control, heating coil material, and quality of parts.

The Best Concentrate Vape Pen Overview

Vaping hard concentrates is still an emerging culture and industry with a wide variety of options. Focus on a device that is going to fit your habits and lifestyle. Features like portability, ease of use, materials, and flavor profiles should all be considered when looking for the best concentrate vape pen.

One of your first stops should be to check out the Torrch concentrate vape. With high-quality materials, a sleek lightweight design, and elevating flavor profiles, it’s a dab experience that is unlike anything seen on the market.

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