What is the perfect temperature for dabs?


Low temp dabs vs. High temp dabs

Low Temp Dabbing

There has been a huge trend leaning towards lower, slower temperature for dabs as more research has been done on the burn rate of the complex cannabinoid system.

THC boiling point is around 315°F (157°C)

CBD boiling point is around 356°F (185°C)

THCV boiling point is around 428°F (220°C)

The lower temperature for dabs allows the combustion of terpene profiles to elevate and produce a stronger, more vivid flavor profile. The downfall of a lower temperature for dabs and concentrates is that it won’t create a massive cloud, but if you are an experienced user that appreciates full flavor then a slower, lower temperature is ideal.

High Temp Dabbing

As opposed to low temperature for dabs, more traditional rigs and consumption is done through high-temperature combustion. This is usually hit when the bowl or dome reaches between 600°F – 900°F (315°C – 482°C).

The benefits of a higher temperature for dabs is that you’ll get a much thicker, more robust cloud. The downfall is that you sacrifice flavor, and hits can be much harsher. It’s also been shown to elevate the effects of concentrates, so if you’re a heavy user that wants to get a good bang for your buck, high-temperature dabs can achieve this effect.

Temperature Recommendation For Dabbing Shatter & Concentrates


The temperature you set for dabbing your concentrates solely relies on your personal preference. If you like seeing the fruits of your labor in thick milky clouds then higher temp dabbing is for you. If you like to enjoy flavor expressions and the complex terpene profiles from different strains, then low temp dabbing is the route for you.

 32°F – 310°F (0°C – 154°C) – This range is generally too low to vaporize any type of cannabis concentrate. This will result in zero clouds and thus no flavor.

315°F – 450°F (157°C – 232°C) – This is the range for your “low temp dabbing”. In this range terpene profiles efficiently vaporize without burning. You will experience the maximum flavor and taste exactly the way the extractor meant for the extract to taste.

450°F – 600°F (232°C – 315°C) – This is in range with a “medium temp dab” or a hybrid temperature. This range will deliver slightly lower flavor profiles while increasing cloud production.

600°F – 900°F (315°C – 482°C) – This is the “high temp dab” range. You will start seeing rapid combustion and thick clouds. You lose terpene flavors as they lose their molecular structure at such high heats.

900°F + (482°C +) – Anything above this temperature is generally frowned upon as certain carcinogens and toxins begin to release in a vapor form. Hits will be cloudy, but extremely harsh with a distinct burnt taste.

Vaporizers & variable temperature for dabs

With traditional dab rigs, accurately heating your bowl or dome can be extremely hard. Heating your rig with an open flame blowtorch is hard to get a precise reading. With innovative technology getting stronger within the cannabis vape industry, more accurate temperature readouts are becoming ubiquitous.


A good example is with the Torrch portable dab rig. With 6-second slow burn technology, the battery communicates with the ceramic bowl to heat up at a slower, lower temperature for the first 6-seconds (315°F – 450°F or 157°C – 232°C). After that time, the bowl heats to a medium to high heat (600°F or 315°C). This temperature range allows a great balance of bringing out full terpene profiles, while also delivering a nice cloud when drawn for 6-20 seconds. If you are looking for a full experience dab rig, the Torrch delivers on all fronts.

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