A Beginners Guide To Dabbing

The boom in dabbing concentrates over the last 5-8 years has been a massive trend in the cannabis community. And because of its infancy as compared to traditional dry bud, there is still a lot for the general public to learn about high viscosity concentrates, and how to properly consume them.

Dabbing is the most popular consumption method for high viscosity cannabis extract containing THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid profiles. These products are mostly referred to as: Shatter, Crumble, Wax, Budder, and BHO.


The act of dabbing consists of heating a coil (usually quartz) at extremely high temperatures, often times with a blow torch, and using a dab tool to dab a glob of wax into the coil to vaporize. This is usually consumed through large glass pieces, also known as dab rigs.


Positive Side Of Dabbing Concentrates

Because of their high concentration, shatter, budder, crumble, and other high viscosity wax extracts can pack a rather large punch. Although usually intense for new users, the quick delivery in such compact doses allows almost immediate and effective relief from symptoms of pain, anxiety, nausea, and others.

With the onset of more and more regulations, these extracts are only getting more pure, and clean. Small and large producers are understanding the meticulous process of extractions and perfecting them more than ever before. This is fantastic for the general public because it will eliminate contaminants and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with every dab.

Consuming high viscosity concentrates can also be beneficial to users that struggle with smoking dry herb or other low viscosity oils that produce a much thicker cloud. This can help alleviate chest congestion by producing only pure vapor into the body.


Negative Side Of Dabbing Concentrates

Quite frankly, the current method of consuming high concentrate extract is fairly intimidating, and a little scary, especially for first-time users. The fact that most glass rigs require a physical blow torch in order to heat the rig, mixed with all of the tools involved is an understandable reason why this method of usage is not embraced on such a mainstream level yet. The good news is that as the cannabis industry grows, so does the technology. More and more we are starting to see new devices and electronic hardware that make this process extremely seamless, and less of a barrier for those that are interested in concentrates but don’t want to invest in big glass rigs that require an open flame.

With the recreational market still quite young, the potency of a lot of underground extractors is a gamble. Since this extraction method creates a product with such dense and bold effects, sometimes measurements of THC levels are unknown if the extractor does not test properly. If consumed by relatively new users, the high effect can be quite intense, and perhaps overwhelming. Luckily, this has already started to shift, with more and more regulations around testing, measurements and precise extraction methods leading into the future. Licensed producers are now able to pinpoint exact percentages of THC extract so that users can choose a strain that best suits their experience level.

Portable Concentrate Dab Rigs And Vaporizers


With more people becoming curious about cannabis concentrates and other products outside of traditional dry herb, electronic vaporizers have become a booming trend in the industry for their ease of use and uncomplicated instructions. Many devices, such as the Torrch handheld portable concentrate vaporizer, simply require the user to drop their extract into a bowl, press a button, and begin vaping.

The onset of this movement has spurred a lot of new concentrate users to start with vaporizers because of their lack of desire to invest in larger, more intimidating dab rigs. Technology has also improved so much that these vaporizers are starting to pack some serious, high-quality components that will also blow away experienced connoisseurs.

For instance, the Torrch portable dab rig contains a pure ceramic bowl, with no exposed heating coil which eliminates any burnt taste that is traditionally experienced with older vaporizer technology. This, mixed with its 6-second slow burn technology that heats up the extract at a slower, lower temperature, creates more flavor than any product in the market. The Torrch delivers terpene profiles and flavor expressions that extractors meant for their product to elicit to the user.


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It’s an exciting time for the cannabis industry, with new innovative products appearing every week. As more testing and research is done, the process of consuming concentrates and other extracts is only getting better and more user-friendly.

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