We are so fired up to introduce the best concentrates vaporizer in the industry. The Torrch is a step above for all things shatter, budder, crumble, and more. This is a budtender favorite and is a game changer in the vape market.

King of the Dab

The Torrch has something real special that sets it apart from any other product on the market. The True-Tastetm Ceramic Core Technology gives pure, clean flavor each and every time you use. You know the struggle. These out of the box vapes that heat too hot, and you inhale that nasty burnt smoke. The Torrch burns your wax concentrates inside the ceramic core at lower temperatures so that you experience the exact flavour of the terpenes it was designed to showcase.

This portable dab rig eliminates all of the hassle from traditional set ups. No more nails, no more flame, no more burnt product, and most importantly no more sticky mess. Just pure clean vapor every single time.

Torrch Handheld Concentrates Vaporizer

  1. Microchip controller allows for a variable heat level over a 20-second draw
  2. Wickless design with vertical coil for even, optimised heat control
  3. True-TasteTM Ceramic Core Technology delivers large vapor volume quickly
  4. Center post diffuser for maximum airflow and direct vapor delivery
  5. Easy top filling cartridge eliminates spillage and waste

Discreet And Portable

The sleek, compact design allows for easy portability to go with you anywhere. If you want the highest quality concentrates vaporizer at the best overall price, you need to carry the Torrch.

With 4 color options to choose from, the Torrch is turning dab culture on its head. If you want to get the most out of your quality shatter, or other concentrate product, this is the rig you need.

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