How To Vape Shatter And Other Concentrates

It’s a culture that even for some experienced cannabis consumers is foreign and often intimidating to get into. As concentrates continue to rise in popularity, vaping shatter and other concentrates is a trend that seems to be here to stay, and with it, comes the need for easier methods of consumption.

Although dabbing has been around for years, the technology has been lacking to keep up. The traditional dab rig includes at a minimum a full glass piece, blow torch, and dab tool. Even though concentrates have the ability to deliver quicker, more efficient relief and effects, for most intermediate and new users, this method is intimidating and often more than the casual smoker wants to invest.

Traditional Method Of Smoking Concentrates

Tools needed:

  1. Water Pipe – These rigs can be bought separately, or you can purchase certain attachments to turn your regular dry herb piece into a fully functioning Dab Rig.
  2. Nail – Made of either ceramic, titanium, or quartz.
  3. Dome or “bowl” – Used to house your concentrate once it’s been heated.
  4. Blow Torch – Usually small camper torches, because of their small price point.
  5. Dab Tool – Usually a long metal or glass tool that is used to apply the dab into the rig once heated.


For users looking for big clouds, this method is the preferred option. The drawbacks are the lack of portability, as these rigs are mostly all desktop units that are hard to transport without a proper case. Users looking to get into the concentrate game can also be turned off because of the use of an open flame, and the technical aspects of setting up a proper rig.

How To Smoke Concentrates With A Vaporizer

The new shift in technology over the last year has seen the market moving more towards all-in-one dab rigs that users can easily load, and take with them anywhere they go. Electronic handheld dab rigs like the Torrch, PuffCo, Kandy Pen, amongst others, are taking out the hassle of modern-day dabbing.

Most devices are simple enough for even first time concentrate users to pick up right away. Simply drop your dab into the ceramic or quartz bowl, press a button, and you’re enjoying smooth vapor and superior effects immediately.


As shatter and concentrates become more popular amongst the mainstream cannabis market, technology will continue to adapt and become even stronger. The shift towards handheld portable dab rigs that require fewer tools will only fuel this growth.

For more info on quality portable dab rigs, visit the and see how easy it is to vape shatter and other hard concentrates.


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